Orthodontists recently suggested the use of teeth braces for adolescents and younger. It has been recommended by the American Association of Orthodontics or AAO that all children aged 7 years old should have an orthodontic screening and orthodontic treatments. At this age, children begin to develop their permanent teeth and bones are beginning to develop too, in this case, a child should need to have a screening to determine what kind of treatment that is needed for him / her.

From the research or studies that were made by specialists it was shown that having an early orthodontic treatment will prevent a child from a complex treatment in the future. It will be easier to correct orthodontic problems when the bone or skeleton is still on the stage of growing and development since it is still flexible.

There are three orthodontic tips or guidelines to help parents avoid complex treatments in the future. These tips are making the patient feel more involved about the cure by making braces hip; next tip is making the children used to this and the last would be about the importance, advantage or use of having an early treatment.

According to Dr. Cangialosi, an orthodontic specialist, putting some colorful elastic on the braces can be a very good way of involving a child to the orthodontic cure. Children can choose different colors or rubber bands that will be attached to the wires of the brace. They can match it from the theme of holidays – red for Christmas, black for Halloween and the likes.

The next tip is about getting a child used to this and makes him / her comfortable with this treatment. There can be a lot of difficulties that a child can experience; one example is that foods can get wedged within … Read the rest

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