Many things have changed over the last decade or so and that includes insurance. Gone are the days when you worked for a company and had all your insurance needs met, the current economy and the rising costs has seen many employers cut or do away with dental insurance all together. Many people are in need of supplemental dental insurance.

What Is Supplemental Dental?

Supplemental dental insurance can be one of two things, insurance you carry in addition to your current coverage or as a replacement. Today's job landscape has changed significantly from what it was even ten years ago. People are prone to changing jobs, working part-time or even freelancing leaving a gaping hole when it comes to dental insurance.

Dental health is not an area that you should neglect. This is about more than a winning smile, bad teeth and gum disease can lead to a whole host of medical problems. People have been known to get serious infections from broken and rotting teeth, so you can see the necessity of getting dental care. However anymore a routine visit to the dentist can cost upwards of a $ 150.

Who Needs It?

If you are a self-employed individual, you already know you are in need of all kinds of insurance. The buck stops with you and that includes all your dental and medical needs. You need the best insurance you can get for an affordable price, and this can even extend to employees, should you have any.

Business owners can also benefit from supplemental dental insurance by providing employees with an optional supplemental insurance that is affordable. Insurance companies will often cut you a break on the cost if you have only a few employees.

Do you have complicated dental issues that may not be covered by one insurance company? In some situations, it is necessary to have more than one policy to cover complex dental problems and a supplemental dental insurance plan is just the ticket. Do not get left holding the bag on serious dental bills when all you have to do is increase your coverage.

Is Supplemental Dental Insurance Affordable

Depending on the size of your family and your coverage needs supplemental dental insurance can be very affordable. The thing you need to consider is the amount of potential dental work you need done and the deductible required by the insurer. For instance if all your require is a routine cleaning and your deductible is several hundred dollars on top of your monthly premium it is probably not a good plan for you. However if the same situation applies but you have a large family with the potential for accidents and more extensive work, then the above policy may be perfect.

Weigh carefully your needs and the cost of supplemental dental insurance as well as any limitations on service. Some plans will require a waiting period for extractions, major dental work and some will not cover things like dental implants at all. Do your homework before purchasing dental coverage and you will find the best policy for you.

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