I started the year with two goals. Acquiring a habit and finishing a challenge in one month. Feeling like it was rather aimless and sensing the quick demise of my new-found will to overcome obstacles. The thought of creating an obstacle just to say I cleared it and the sense of accomplishment was a conflicting thought. It was already creeping out from the back of my mind and a felt the need to step it up. Setting goals is second nature to me, both in sports and school it's kind of like an automatic reflex. In the mean time I tend to disregard developing myself, which would probably in the end help reaching further in work, school, sports and relationships. My first habit was brushing my teeth and flossing every night. Now the people who think "He doesn't brush his teeth every night ?!" or "You don't floss?", are the ones that already have these habits installed. In my case I sometimes skipped brushing before going to bed, blaming that the action would wake me up more. So this only happened when I was already really tired. However the flossing … well that was a bi-annual thing at the very best. Benefits of flossing We all know that flossing is good for you, but getting facts that will make you think twice about skipping the dental string.

  1. While the toothbrush is an important tool, it is inadequate when it comes to remove plaque. The response to the thin bio-film of bacteria is inflammation of the gum tissue, otherwise known as Gingivitis. Research is conflicting whether Gingivitis leads to Periodontitis, but the latter one can get really ugly. In short it affects the tissue and bone around the teeth and can lead to loss of them. When flossing, your gums might bleed. You don't need to worry, it's a sign of gum disease and actually tells you that more flossing should be on the to-do list.
  2. The plaque can also suck into the bloodstream. Researchers at Harvard found that the absorbed bacteria can possibly clog arteries and veins. Another study found that men with Periodontitis had a startling 70% greater risk of developing coronary disease, while a case of gingivitis meant a 40% increase.
  3. It leads to overall better health – By getting rid of any infections in your mouth you are lowering risk of other major health risks, including heart disease and stroke. Our body is extraordinary, it can cope with unbelievable hardship, but chronicle infections can take its toll and lead to much worse things.
  4. Well the no-brainer fact is that flossing can remove food that is really annoying, like popcorn. Instead of helplessly using your fingers or tongue, just get some dental string. A toothpick is also a great tool for such problems, but does not have the same effect on bacteria.
  5. Bad breath – bacteria is the biggest reason for foul breath and it actually feeds of the food that sticks between your teeth.
  6. Adds 6 years to your life … or 1.5 years – Two gerontologists or age doctors, Dr. Roizen and Dr. Roizen Perls, have debated this in their books. Even though the exact time added to life by flossing is unknown, it is proven that life expectancy is greater while doing so. I wonder if they subtracted the time it takes to actually floss every single day?

In a nutshell, you significantly decrease the chance of gum disease and the risk of ultimately attaining more serious health problems. You also counteract bad breath, get a longer life, get rid of irritating particles of food between your teeth and it might divert you from the embarrassment of having spinach hanging from your front teeth.

Mario Vult

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