All over the globe, it has been widely accepted that having clean and white teeth is part of taking care of one's hygiene. A lot of people want to look good and one thing that is very important when it comes to looking good is having a clean, straight or aligned, white teeth. This is where cosmetic dentistry is all about – it is created as an answer to people's needs of having a nice smile or a teeth makeover.

With cosmetic dentistry, it has become possible to have a smile make over – a change just like hair and clothes make over. According to some studies like what has been done by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, an average of about $ 2.27 billion dollars on each year is being spent just for some cosmetic procedures. Due to public need and demand, services like porcelain laminates, bleaching, bonding and replacing amalgam fillings with white ones are being offered by different dental offices. One thing that you have to know is that most of these procedures are not being covered by insurances and most of these treatments or procedures are costly or expensive.

Years ago, cosmetic dentistry is already being used by dentists, however, the materials used in the past were not durable like those being used today. With all of the studies, discoveries or invention that has been done throughout the years, there have been a lot of well-developed products that are being used today. One example is the early composite resins or plastics, which are used at the past, which can stain or change color after some time. Today, tooth-colored fillings or also called as new composite resins were being used and were known to be better than the plastic ones – they are durable and will last longer.

As a result of the developed orthodontic cosmetic there are a lot of choices that a person can choose from and all of those will cater different needs of each patient. Bonding is the first cosmetic dentistry that a patient might undergo; this is where a damage tooth is being repaired by the use of paste. The paste is a composite resin that will be applied to the chipped teeth then it will be shaped and molded with the tooth's shape to look normal.

Another procedure that a patient might have is the whitening of the teeth; in this case, bleaching is the most effective way. Over time, the enamel as well as the dentin can be stained and with this, the best treatment is bleaching.

Another procedure is the use of tooth-colored type of fillings; these are those types of paste or fillings that blend to the color of a patient's teeth. The reason for this is that each patient has a different tooth color and it would be better to use a filling that has the same teeth color so it will look far more normal.

These are only some of the procedures that a patient might need but even though these kinds of treatments are costly, still, there are a lot of people who want to have a smile make over.

Source by Robert Melkonyan

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