A tooth implant is one of the most advisable cosmetic dental solutions you can opt for if you have a missing tooth. This is especially true if your missing tooth is found in the front or on a visible part of your mouth. You will definitely be embarrassed about your smile if you there is a hole in your mouth due to this missing tooth.

A dental implant offers several benefits as a tooth replacement option. The implant is permanent and will feel and function like a real tooth. An implant is quite durable as well and can last for years, with sufficient care and maintenance.

A dental implant application is usually one of the most time-consuming dental procedures since it involves surgery. Because of this, patients need to follow some important instructions and tips after a dental implant procedure to make sure that no complications arise.

Below are some of these important post-care tips you have to follow after undergoing a tooth implant procedure:

• Swelling and / or bruising are usually normal after the procedure. This usually peaks 2 to 3 days after the procedure. You can reduce the swelling with ice packs wrapped in a towel. Apply the ice pack on the swollen cheek area for a maximum of 10 minutes at a time, with 20 minutes break. After 24 hours, you can consider applying gentle heat on the swollen area. You can expect the swelling and bruising to subside or disappear after a few days.

• Do not eat until the local anesthetic has worn off and make sure you only drink cold beverages after the procedure. Avoid hot drinks or hot food for the first day since this can cause the affected area to bleed. Also, take care to avoid disturbing the area with your tongue or fingers.

• You may feel some pain in your mouth for a few days after the surgery. The pain or soreness can be easily managed by drinking over-the-counter analgesics or pain relievers. You should take the pain relievers regularly at the maximum stated dose for the first 2 days after your surgery. You can take your first dose before the local anesthetic has completely worn off.

• Clean your other teeth as normal with a toothbrush, starting on the evening of your surgery. However, avoid brushing the surgical site for the first few days. You can start cleaning this area carefully with a toothbrush as soon as the pain and soreness subsides.

• Lastly, keep physical activities to a minimum following surgery. Exercising and other physically demanding activities can cause some throbbing and bleeding.

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