One of the most common forms of cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening. Of course, everyone wants a whiter smile. For whatever reason, our teeth are not as white as they could be if we gave them a little extra attention. Maybe we have drank too much coffee, tea, or smoked cigarettes for too long. Or perhaps, we forgot to brush two to three times a day as a child. Now we have stains and we no longer have pearly whites. It's obvious, it's embarrassing, and we want something to be done about it. That's where the cosmetic dentist comes in.

Teeth whitening is just one of the available options for beautifying a smile. There are many products out on the market, some are over the counter and others require the strict supervision of your dentist. Before you make any decisions, you should consult him or her. A professional dentist will know what is best for your teeth and lead you in the right direction. After all, when others notice your smile then you can tell them who they need to see if they want similar results.

For women especially, white teeth and a pretty smile are important. A lot of women cover their faces with enhancing cosmetics that give them a boost of confidence, making them feel prettier. A little color on the eyelids, a little color on the cheeks, a layer of color on the lips, and no stains on the teeth. Of course they would want a white smile beyond the red lip stick. Cosmetic dentistry for the woman who likes cosmetics. Men are not excluded from having a smile that is attractive. Women welcome that feature in a man. As a matter of fact, teeth covered in stains could possibly be one of the most unattractive features on both the man and woman.

There is no need for unattractive teeth with so many possibilities on the market today. Do not rule out any one method without talking to your dentist about all the aspects of cosmetic dentistry. Some are more affordable than others, some take less time – you might be surprised at what your dentist recommends.

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