Correcting broken, discolored, or uneven teeth by utilizing state of the art materials and techniques. That is typically the definition of a cosmetic dentistry veneers procedure. There is one particular method, one that does not require the normal treatments of drilling, roughing and removal of the tooth enamel. It is a completely painless procedure, completely non invasive. The procedure is trademarked as "Lumineers" by Cerinate, which are, in fact, porcelain veneers taken to another level.

Lumineers are made of ceramic porcelain, they are ultra-thin, almost as thin as contact lenses. The Lumineer veneer is placed on top of the existing tooth, instantly transforming your flaws with a perfect covering. This new technology offers people a completely non invasive way to enhance and correct their smile. It's utterly painless, involving no shots or ancestry. In fact you will not even need a Tylenol after a Lumineer procedure. As well, there is no removal of a sensitive tooth structure which can occur during a traditional cosmetic veneers procedure.

Getting Lumineers is a 2-step procedure. On the first visit the patient will come in for a 30 minute session, where a silicone impression of the patient's mouth is taken, at which point the impression is sent out to a manufacturing studio where the veneers are fabricated from ceramic porcelain. The second appointment involves fitting the Lumineers over the patients existing teeth, cemented in place by a laser assisted bond, which does not degrade the tooth and still provides a bond as strong as traditional veneers. This process is remarkably similar to traditional cosmetic veneers procedures, the differences being in the technology applied to the Lumineer veneer, and of course, the lack of enamel shaving, the needles, and the contemporary pain.

OK I'm sold, now How Much Are Lumineers Veneers?

Well, bluntly, Lumineers are by no means cheap. You can even expect to pay slightly more than you would for traditional porcelain veneers procedures. Of course it will depend on the dentist, the amount of discoloration or aesthetic damage to the offending teeth, and it can also depend on whether or not there is a veneer fabricating machine located within the office, or conversely if your molds will be sent out for fabrication. My educated guess is that you can expect Lumineers to cost between 700.00 – 1,100.00 on average, per tooth, as a base / ballpark figure.

There are arguments for using traditional veneers procedures, arguments that depend on the individual teeth damage and the kind of results expected from their veneers. All in all, when money is not a problem, Lumineers by Cerinate are a very viable alternative. Do call your dentist to find out more about the Lumineer cosmetic dentistry veneers procedure. It may be exactly what you're looking for!

Source by Shannon Dunlevy

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