Let's face it, visiting the dentist is rarely considered one of our most fun ways to spend an afternoon. We begin to think up reasons why the latest dentist visit needs to be skipped – maybe we are too busy this time, or we even try to save a penny here and there. If our teeth feel fine and look OK, why should we continue with regular checks? Should not we just visit the dentist when we feel pain or discomfort?

Although we may try to save money by missing checkups, modern day dentistry centers will save you even more on preventative measures. Your dentist will encourage you to perform cleaning, flossing, and cleaning at home that in fact minimize the work that he needs to do. With the increase in minimal intervention dentistry in use today, dentists take a 'hands off' approach if they can.

Even so, and with good oral hygiene at home, there are still times measures that a dentist must take in the office to fight dental caries (tooth decay) and periodontal disease (gum disease). Left unabated these problems can grow out of control and become painful and costly to remedy.

The truth is, preventive dentistry is much cheaper on the pocket in the long run. By the time your teeth become discolored, chipped, painful, or loose, your dental hygiene is usually in a sorry state. A simple cavity can be filled in the matter of minutes, but left untreated it can turn into a situation that requires an expensive root canal. It will cost you much more money and time to get this repaired in comparison to following the advice of preventive dentistry and continuing with regular checks at your dentist.

However, it's not even just about money and time. Your mouth is more than just the way for food to make its way to your stomach – it is fundamentally linked to other organs of your body, and your dentist can tell a lot about your general health from looking in your mouth. A dentist will not just be examining your teeth, but also your gums, tongue, blood vessels and throat. Commonly, diseases such as throat cancer and HIV can be first diagnosed by a condition within the mouth. Visiting your dentist regularly can ensure that you catch these signs at an early stage, and can actually mean the difference between life and death.

In summary, the main power your dentist yields is in preventative dentistry. Dentists are there to aid you in the defense of your teeth; the procedures they can take are most powerful when dealing with a problem as early as possible. A regular dental routine will ensure your teeth do not develop any real problems, and with a basic cleaning routine at home you will find your dental visits to be short and simple.

Finally, it simply feels better to visit the dentist with a clean set of teeth, knowing that you have done your best since your last visit to retain your healthy teeth and followed your regular dental checkup routine.

Source by Zach Schapel

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